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Quick et ses franchisés en Belgique et en France

Chez Quick, les restaurants exploités en franchise en Belgique représentent 88% du réseau, soit 77 restaurants sur 88 et en France, 80% du réseau est entre les mains de franchisés, soit 300 des 379 restaurants.



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  • Mardi 25 Novembre 2014

    Did you notice that the world of Ethernet switching is changing? New concepts and new technologies are being introduced.  Did you already hear about 10GE and 40GE switching? And what about stacking and managing them?

    That s why it s time to think differently! Expose yourself to the new switching concepts of today and learn all about it during Juniper s Lunch and Learn session on Tuesday, November 25th.

    We will start the session with a nice Lunch.  As of 12.00h, Nick Leman (Product Manager, Kappa Data) will inform you about the following topics:

    1. Juniper s vision towards high-end switching
    2. Products and features available, helping you to build up your network
    3. Actual switching concept you can implement into your network set-ups:

    • Virtual Chassis, connecting individual switches together to form one unit and manage the unit as a single chassis.
    • Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), offering you link monitoring and allows you to add or delete individual links to the aggregate bundle without user intervention
    • 10GB switching, responding to demands for high availability, unified communications, mobility, and virtualization
    • Junos Space Network Management Platform, delivering unified control of high-end switching

    You can subcribe following the link: http://www.kappadata.be/default2.asp?active_page_id=185

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