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Franchise : les enseignes qui recrutent :ISEC BELGIUM
  • Nom de l'enseigne :
  • LMI Belgium
  • Nom de la société :
  • Adresse :
  • Interleuvenlaan 62
  • Contact :
  • Tél:
  • Fax:
  • Site Internet :
  • www.lmibelgium.com
  • Personne de contact :
  • Medeleanu  Julian
  • Fonction :
  • CEO

Votre sélection : LMI Belgium

Description de l'activité :

Change is a process that involves planning, training, goal setting, and practical application.  It’s not easy to do alone.  That’s why thousands of clients worldwide have turned to us.

We understand that each person in your company or organization is a complex, unique individual with many roles to fill in life.  Our Plan of Action empowers people to balance all these different areas by helping them to do self-evaluations and set personal values, priorities, and goals.  It is a proven fact that when each area of life is receiving the proper attention, people become more satisfied and productive.  And when your people are productive, your organization is productive.  When your people raise the bar on quality, your customers will see the difference

We know that long seminars and lengthy lectures don’t work. So what we do is different. We offer short, action-oriented sessions held on a regular basis. And we do it at your workplace – eliminating costly travel expenses and major down-time for your staff.

We’ve learned that our process works best when applied on-site with small groups. We utilize time-proven and experience-tested principles. Team dynamics, spaced repetition, and immediate application are keys to success.

We meet with you to determine exactly what it is you want to accomplish. Our process focuses on what’s important to you – not on what some “guru” or a new “management fad” says is important.

Your goals become the driving force behind our results-centered process.

Infos pratiques

  • Secteur d'activité : Services aux entreprises, aux particuliers
  • Année de création : 1966
  • Droit d'entrée :

    9700 EURO

  • Redevance :

    150 EURO/Month

  • Investissement global :

    9700 EURO

  • Chiffre d'affaire moyen après 2 ans :

    200.000 - 500.000 EURO

Historique de la société :

In 1966, Texas entrepreneur Paul J. Meyer founded Leadership Motivation, Inc. LMI was originally designed as a sales division for marketing management and leadership development programs.

org-wheelBy 1970, Meyer’s products were permanent fixtures in the personal and management development marketplace. LMI – now Leadership Management® International, Inc. – grew at a rapid pace. LMI CEO and other company executives discerned the marketplace need for a comprehensive leadership development process, including a common sense approach to organizational planning and a new focus on effective, ethical leadership.

LMI’s process development specialists set about developing a complete solution to leadership development. The result is the unique LMI Total Leader Solution.

The Process itself created a paradigm shift which moved LMI to the center of the organizational development and organizational planning marketplace. Today, LMI’s aim is to develop effective leaders and organizations through the implementation of a unique process. As the LMI concept has spread worldwide, LMI processes and materials are now translated into more that 23 languages, and marketed in more than 80 countries around the globe.

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